Welcome to the Mattress Clearance Center of Boone! Follow our blog for informative articles, tips, and upcoming events at our discount mattress store in Boone, NC. As a Top Rated® Local mattress store, we believe that everyone deserves quality sleep no matter what their budget is. Our local mattress store offers a full selection of quality mattresses, from luxurious memory foam to traditional spring mattresses in twin, full, queen, king, and California king mattresses.

Mattress Clearance Center of Boone is changing the way people buy mattresses. Contact our Boone mattress store and schedule an appointment today!  

Who Is Mattress Clearance Center of Boone?

Mattress Clearance Center is a discount mattress store in Boone, NC that offers flexible payment plans that allow people with all budget sizes to find the best mattress that will last for years to come. Studies show that the quality of sleep you get on a regular basis drastically affects your overall health and energy levels, and your mattress plays a large role in how well you sleep. Unfortunately, many people are sleeping on poor-quality or outdated mattresses simply because they cannot afford to invest in a more comfortable mattress.

The Mattress Clearance Center of Boone is the perfect solution, enabling consumers like you to buy a quality mattress at an affordable price. We buy new, name-brand mattresses and bed frames in bulk directly from the manufacturer, which allows us to pass the savings along to you. We aren’t like other chain mattress stores full of pushy salespeople eager to sell you the wrong mattress — we meet with our customers by appointment to provide personalized attention and find them the best mattress.

We believe that giving up comfortability and settling for poor sleep quality at the expense of an affordable mattress isn’t right. At Mattress Clearance Center of Boone, we make sure every customer, no matter what their budget is, has options to find the most comfortable mattress. Contact our mattress store in Boone today!     

What We Do

Mattress Clearance Center of Boone is more than just an average mattress store that sells mattresses and bed frames. For some, buying a quality mattress is a big deal, and settling for just any kind of mattress that the salesperson recommends is not the best way to buy a mattress. Unlike other mattress stores in North Carolina where you are either greeted by a pushy salesman or you have to sit around waiting until someone is available to answer your questions, our mattress store takes a different approach to serving customers.

Our sleep experts deliver one-on-one, personalized attention to help you find the perfect mattress. We are available by appointment that our customers set up prior to arriving at our store. At the time of the appointment, a team member will ask questions to find out what your specific needs are, and will assist you with determining the right mattress size, firmness, and base, ensuring you get the best night’s sleep possible.

Whether you are shopping for a California king memory foam mattress with an adjustable bed frame or a pillow-top twin mattress, you will be treated with the same personalized customer service you expect. Selling mattresses is our job, but our passion is to provide customers access to the best mattresses and bed frames regardless of their budget.

Shop For The Best Mattresses in Boone, NC

Mattress Clearance Center of Boone is proud to offer a unique solution for buying quality mattresses at an affordable price. Don’t wait for the next big sale at another mattress store in Boone — instead, schedule an appointment with us and shop discount mattresses when it’s convenient for you!

Are you looking for a soft, cloud-like mattress to sink into every night, or a firm, supportive bed that cradles every pressure point perfectly while you sleep? No matter what type of mattress you prefer, Mattress Clearance Center of Boone has just what you’re looking for. We carry a large selection of mattress sizes and comfort preferences, such as:

  • Pillow-top mattresses
  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Plush mattresses
  • Cool gel mattresses
  • Twin mattresses
  • Full mattresses
  • Queen mattresses
  • King mattresses
  • California King mattresses
  • Adjustable bases
  • Hybrid mattresses
  • And more!


With so many options and assortments of mattresses in conjunction with our knowledgeable staff, we have no doubt that you will find the best mattress for your lifestyle — and for the entire family. The best part is that you can expect to only spend a fraction of what you would at another mattress store in North Carolina.

Buying a brand new mattress and bed frame is not always an option for most people. Not only do we sell discounted mattresses at affordable prices, be we also work with you to finance your new mattress at a price that can’t be beat. Apply for our financial payment plan today!

Are you ready to get a good night’s rest and finally get rid of that uncomfortable, springy mattress? Contact Mattress Clearance Center of Boone and schedule your personalized appointment today!